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Embarrassment for Xmen Origins: Wolverine

Submitted by on April 1, 2009 – 10:20 am3 Comments

wolverineWell it seems like a disgruntled employee has somewhat embarrassed Marvel and 20th century Fox. A workprint (unfinished effects) version of the film has been made available to the ever persistent P2P community.
Now two outcomes are possible from this:

  1. People will see the unfinished movie and be so impressed by what they saw they will feel the urge to leap into the cinema to appreciate the real experience
  2. Disappointment will occur and Box-Office receipts will be hindered.

Of course, Hollywood will have you believe that this will hinder sales. However I am not so sure. I (like many people who have spoken with me) have no intention of seeing the film (or at least wanting to). We may just find out that this leak may just save Wolverine from being shelved quickly.

I would urge you all though to wait for the release and if you do know someone who has watched the Workprint, then I suggest you ask their opinion of it. If they thought it was great then head on down to your cinema. After all it is only a month away from release! If they thought it was bad then you have saved some cash after all (if you trust their pirating opinion).

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