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Dragonball needs reshoots – No surpise there then

Submitted by on October 23, 2008 – 1:45 amNo Comment

Somehow the from Filmstalker that Dragonball will require reshoots does not surprise me at all. The sucked A . The whole premise of making Dragonball into a movie was beyond me. A friend had assured me that if they followed the original of the cartoons, they might not go too far wrong. It seems though, as if it is following the “safe-for-children” route. And when I say “safe-for-children” I mean: safe-for-the--children-who-are-not-confused-or-repulsed-by-the-TV-Show.

I suppose the question needs asking: Will this make a difference? Is it likely to affect the upcoming film? Answer? NO! It was destined to be a pile of poopy in the first place. I can’t imagine them making it much worse.

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