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Dean Cain: The King of Mediocre?

Submitted by on April 21, 2008 – 3:13 pm5 Comments

It has been a running joke between friends that Dean Cain is incapable of making a good film. He doesn’t seem incapable of acting, it just seems that whatever film he is in, seems to be as interesting as watching dried pain get moist again. I find this a challenge and am determined henceforth to prove these charlatans wrong.
I endeavour to watch as many B-movies as possible in an attempt to establish once and for all that Dean Cain can rise above mediocrity. Incidentally, if anyone wants to give me a hand with this one, I’d greatly appreciate it. To date Dean Cain has 73 published acting roles to his name and I am not going to enjoy the prospect of watching them all. I am convinced this man known mostly as the yuppie superman has more going for him than most of my friends believe. After all, even Jessica Alba (an actress who I think is a complete incompetent) managed to star in one decent film (Sin City, before you spend too much time thinking about it).

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