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Danny Elfman signs up for Terminator Salvation

Submitted by on January 12, 2009 – 1:35 pmNo Comment

danny-elfmanI enjoyed Wanted. I thought it was a great film with an incredible amount of energy and smarts. However what was truly noticeable in this movie was the soundtrack and a big part of that was . It has just been announced that Mr Elfman has signed on for the soundtrack of Salvation.

Now I don’t want to be premature (no man does) but McG seems to be doing all the right things. Signing on as Connor was a great move! Signing on Bryce Dallas Howard as Kate Connor and losing that other waste of space was a better move. Getting Danny Elfman in for the is beyond my expectations.

As some of you regular readers will know, I was offered the chance to see some footage of and was incredibly impressed with it.

With all of this said though, one thing will be confirmed if all of these good decisions end up with a bad film and that is: If McG screws this one up his abilities (in my eyes) to direct a movie are seriously lacking. Only time will tell!

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