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Daniel Craig says “no” to comic book film: Thor

Submitted by on October 25, 2008 – 12:29 pmNo Comment

thorWhat is an to do? After impressing us all with Casino Royale and bewildering us with of a Fool, he goes and gets offered the title role of the upcoming Studios movie. I tell you what a true Englishman would do: He says “no” politely. He does not say “This is beneath me and is more suited to someone who their body on a regular basis like Matthew McConaughey”. He does not say this because he is a gentleman…..maybe.

Personally (if in his shoes) I would have showed the studios a photo of Thor (from the ) and showed them a picture of Mr Craig and Said: “This is a very bad isn’t it?” Perhaps I wouldn’t be so polite. Although I am British. Perhaps I would say the respectable thing, instead of calling them all a bunch of twats!

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