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And another rant at Speed Racer: Animal Cruelty

Submitted by on May 11, 2008 – 6:56 pmOne Comment

I am not being kind to this film that I have yet to see. I refuse to go into a cinema and watch this alone. in fact, I refuse to pay for it. If you want a review (and expect me not to be nice) you lot are gonna have to cough up. Paypal donations always accepted.. a cinema ticket round here costs £7.50 plus popcorn, a soda and the obligatory pretentiously expensive ice cream that you HAVE to have and the after film drinks that will most certainly be required after suffering two-odd hours of this nightmare. All in all, that should come to about £83.40 (approximately) I would rather pain my toenails and run around London town claiming to be a chicken of the fifth order than go and pay with my hard earned (well not that hard earned) money! I have actually forgotten the point of this post…er…. Oh yeah. Did you know that the American Humane Animal Safety confirmed that this film received an “unacceptable” rating due to five Piranhas dying and a monkey being “beaten”? I don’t usually cite my sources (unless I like the site) but since I’m having a “try and sue me if you dare day”, I thought I would. For those interested in my source, CLICK HERE.
See? I wasn’t lying! For a family film to have this on their record, is a very bad thing. Bad show! Don’t get me wrong, I am the last person you would expect holding a banner above my head stating that animals deserve our undying respect and love (even the ugly toads), but this is WRONG! Dammit, if I’m going to boycott it anyway: I was looking for an excuse not to see this film. Anyone want to go and see The Hottie and the Nottie? At least you know what you’re getting with that. The only in that sort of film is likely to be the poor bloody rat dog stuffed in Paris’ handbag.

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