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A positive review of a quite brilliant 4 out of 10 film: In Bruges

Submitted by on April 21, 2008 – 10:45 amNo Comment

I want to go to Bruges. Like most of the world’s , I knew Bruges was somewhere in Europe (probably Belgium) but had no idea of its medieval beauty.

I have just come back from In Bruges: the “gangster” film where two assassins are holed up in Bruges after a job gone bad. One thing is for sure, this film is not for everyone. It is a slow paced banter movie. For the third of the film you feel the boredom felt by Colin Farrell’s character. (always a solid actor in my opinion) is fascinated with the place and drags Farrell’s sorry around the “magical city”. I’m with Gleeson on this one. Most of the movie played like a tourist information film commissioned by Patrick Moenaert himself (the Mayor). Nevertheless, for the people who enjoy this film, it is very conceivable that those people are likely to put Bruges on there “places to see before I die” list. It’s on mine!

Anyway, the fact is this film is about banter. Weighing heavily on the interaction between Farrell and Gleeson with Clémence Poésy, Ralph Fiennes and Jordan Prentice tagging along. With the exception of Clémence Poésy every actor compliments this film completely. Clémence Poésy’s character is (in my opinion) clumsy, emotionless and far from the clever choices of every other actor in the piece. Indeed, Ralph Fiennes is not seen for most of the film, yet you don’t need to. He is funny, sad, thoughtful, childlike, and very very angry most of the time and that comes across in a phone call he makes. Much like ’s stint in “Sexy Beast”, his character is quite perfect as a menacing boss. Of course this film has flaws (as every other film I claim is a solid 4 out of 10). The truth is, the flaws do not matter if you enjoy it. This film is a reason to celebrate the fact that it is possible to enjoy something that has these quite obvious flaws. For me, I would happily add this film to my DVD collection when it is released because despite the subject these characters are 3-dimensional. The story unfolds as hints without spelling too much out (with an obvious exception). There is more to this story than is first told.

If you want a film that turns an audience from absolute silence to roaring laughter within seconds, then this is it. So stop reading this and go and see it dammit! I mean it!

For those insisting on a dum dum score, this film gains the respected 4 out of 10. Oh yes. Top marks. It’s that good.

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