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4 out of 10 – not on the road!

Submitted by on July 18, 2009 – 10:15 pmNo Comment

engineJust thought I’d give you an update on the summer mobile office. In my last post I revealed that one of the quirks of my vehicle was that of a habit of breaking down on the M4.

Since that time and with a great deal of hair-pulling, the car has been towed back to a friendly household and is awaiting repair. A thorough diagnosis has occurred in this time with a mechanic saying “oh”, “ah” and “oooh. It’ll be expensive”, in which he told me that a new engine would be required and handed me a BILL (that word is meant to be in uppercase – just to accentuate how much of a BILL he gave me).

Now our French cousins across the pond are very clever . Most of their vehicles (within a certain age range) use exactly the same engine with only a little modification required for fitting into my very beige . In the past couple of weeks though, I have learned that my very forgettable vehicle is not within this age range. In fact it is only 6 months shy of this age range. It is because of this, that my office now stands persistently on my poor sister’s driveway whilst I try and locate a 25 year old replacement engine!

This has not gone so well and as you may have gathered, I have certainly come down from “holiday mode”. Sitting on the side of the M4 (being threatened by the Highway Agency) was nothing compared to the stress of normality. I don’t think I fit normality all that well. Perhaps it is the fact that whilst everyone else is “normal” almost naturally I feel the need to “act” the behaviour. That can’t be right can it? I’m sure there is a mental illness associated with this behaviour but until the blokes in the white coats catch me, I’ll continue to carry on about my defunct beige camper whilst acting normally.

It has even gotten to the point of looking around for less knackered engines than mine to fix . Now bear in mind that I am more of a techie than a mechanic; I get the theory behind it, but run a mile the second my hands get all dirty! I am not cut out for engine rebuilding. Nevertheless I will suffer the indignity of having oil soaking under my fingernails for the return of my mobile office for a few months. I am that dedicated to my little French camper!

I am determined to set to and fix this van. Of course if someone is prepared to pay for it engine-less then I may just reconsider and buy a ragtop (convertible) for the summer. I don’t expect it’ll be all that practical considering the lack of space in the horizontal position, but at least it’ll ruddy well start when I want it to!

So there you have it! I’m back where I started with a great deal less in my pocket, a French camper unwilling to start and in search of an engine that can only be found in 30 year old cars (apparently which hold the “3rd most scrapped vehicle” title). I am certainly up the proverbial excrement stream without propulsion! Never mind though. It saves me from writing this on the beach enjoying the crashing of the waves……bloody life!

Image Credit: Raromachine

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