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4 out of 10 Movies has had a MAJOR overhaul

Submitted by on September 28, 2008 – 12:12 amNo Comment

Unless, you’re blind, stupid or have never darkened our door here before, you will have noticed that has had a major and other important changes. Gone is the “blog look” of old where posts over 3 days old would be lost to the depths of blogging history. In comes a new content management system that will help with:

  • better navigation for the end user
  • photo links
  • the ability to see what posts are “hot subjects”.

The need for this redesign was due to the continual updating of the site with news, reviews, images, trailers, and . Originally there was no easy way to navigate these sections. Since the has grown exponentially, 4 out of 10 has adapted to your needs…(aren’t we good)!

The second important shift in terms of the site is that of ratings. It became clear that continued over the original ratings (only rating up to 4 out of 10) forced my hand into standardising the (how depressing). Over the coming weeks all will have a standardised rating to make it easier for the amongst us.

You will notice two links (higher in the page) pointing to reviews. I suggest that if you want a quick look over the ratings for all reviews (using a 5 ), you click the higher of the two links (top picture). The green and white link merely goes to the tag “reviews”. We am rectifying this issue as we speak and will hopefully overcome it soon (at least I hope so). The needs to be edited and will be looked at, over the coming week also (just another thing to add to the very long list).

As always, 4 out of 10 Movies are for you. If you do not see something you like (except free money) then please use the contact form. Until next time, I’ll see you out there.

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