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4 out of 10 has hit the road!

Submitted by on June 29, 2009 – 11:05 pmNo Comment

roadtripI am feeling fairly surreal at the moment. There is a scene in Terminator (often repeated) where Kyle Reese asks the date. When the man answers, Kyle insists: No! The Year! For the second time in my life I have been put in the unlikely position of not knowing exactly where I am in the country.

In my travels to North Wales; where the 4 out of 10 roadtrip will begin, I inadvertently fell asleep on the coach. 4 hours later and I’ll be honest we could have been anywhere. This is largely thanks to a driver who has a heavier accent than my Polish dentist.

Having to approach a complete stranger and honestly ask “where the hell am I?” would ordinarily assign my social status to that of “weirdo”. However after pressing home the fact that I truly did not know where I was and to my new-found “friend” he uttered many comments of disbelief and revealed us to be in Birmingham. Somehow I preferred the idea of not knowing. Don’t get me wrong: I am not against the great city of Birmingham, but one bus station looks very much like another and I’ll admit to being glad of leaving the land of the expensive lattes.

So why am I taking myself on a bus when I have stated over and over again that I truly despise public transport? Well the blame for all of this is eBay. The place where you can legitimately purchase an A-Team lunchbox. However instead of a lunchbox, I purchased the cheapest, most beige-ist rustbucket of a campervan , in an attempt to spend the next few months travelling the coast of Britain. After all, this is the 21st Century and thanks to the wonders of broadband bandwidth stealing mobile internet, I am able to continue to update you on my experiences.

Naturally the film reviews will continue as I persevere to watch and review a film in every cinema I pass. It is strange that whilst essentially what I am doing is taking on the role of gypsy for a while, it is permissible in the summertime because a summer at the beach is perhaps what most of us dream of.

So there you have it. 4 out of 10 Movie Reviews is on the road (again) and will furnish you with every opportunity to whinge about various locations around Britain. Of course as I write this, I have not actually seen the very beige camper that will be my office for the coming months and so this may turn into a journal from the back of a recovery truck.

Feel free to suggest locations around the U.K to visit as I am under no timetable. Remember though if you happen to see an overweight individual pushing a very beige and ancient motorhome down some country road, then spare a thought for me (and then remind yourself that it is my own silly fault for not paying out for a decent van). 4 out of  10 is on the road.

See you out there…

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