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Tom & Jerry Live action film announced

Submitted by on January 22, 2009 – 5:15 pm2 Comments
tomandjerrymovieAccording to reports (here), has announced the intention to make a live action version of Tom &; Jerry. This is concerning as the last attempt at a Tom &; Jerry movie (in 1992) had Jerry SPEAKING! I mean it is a fundamental rule: THE MOUSE DOES NOT SPEAK! Clearly they don't think that the '92 version corrupted our childhood enough so are planning to come back for more! If you take the live-action / CG as an example, the best scenes in that were when the famous cat was smacking around! Sadly (due to the fact that they used a real bloody dog) they couldn't do this often due to animal cruelty . If they had made Odie a CG animal, as much cruelty as Garfield could think up could have taken place. However, in this day and age with little (and not as ) moaning about films being un-politically correct, I imagine the of Tom & Jerry will be destroyed! Perhaps can both be political candidates and have to out-debate each other! Since are responsible for ruining my nostalgia at childhood TV, I can only hope that and Count Duckula stays well away from their greedy eyes! I can only see bad things ahead! Is this really such a bad thing? Tell me your thoughts on the matter.

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