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Don Cheadle to replace Terence Howard in Iron Man 2

Submitted by on October 17, 2008 – 4:35 pmNo Comment

News this week (from the Hollywood Reporter) claimed that will replace Terence Howard as Tony Stark's "".

For those not completely up with the Iron Man , at one point Rhodes takes over the role as Iron Man. So the in- when Rhodes stated "next time" as he looked lovingly at the Iron was a to that.

Howard and Downey Jr. have . You can believe that they are good mates. Now I am not going to claim that Don Cheadle is an incapable actor (he is not; far from it), but I can't see him working as a replacement for Terence Howard.

What bothers me most is that we have not been given a reason why Howard will not be returning. I imagine that it is related to money, but it is a shame that have decided to drop him so quickly. Iron Man worked due to the sum of it's pieces. If you take away one of those pieces then there is a great of having the whole stinking mess collapse. Watch this space.

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